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Have 2 set Hks newest Top of the line Super Power Flow Reloaded Air filters for sale.

It is the perfect filters for singel turbo users, For example RB25DET users or other setups on other cars.

The filters come brand new in the box, Never used.
See pictures below, but it is missing the "Afm" adapters in both kits theirfore the price of them.

Depending on the car you have you can make some "Amf" adapters self in the garage or for the laisy one, order them home from HKS for the cost of around 11000:- Jpy for one Adapter.

The filters are inside diameter: 80 and outside diameter:200 so they are not so small.


Some info from HKS them self:

SUPER POWER FLOW RELOADED is a high efficiency air cleaner system developed for high performance vehicles. Air induction efficiency is improved drastically by curl funnel effect, and produces improved engine response and cuts fuel consumption.

NEW SUPER STEALTH FRAME is minimized the air resistance and maximized intake air.

NEW 3 LAYER DRY FILTER is consisted with HKS Super Hybrid Filter's 3 layers.

NEW INNER FRAME is streamline shaped and lighter 16frame born makes taking air more smoothly.

NEW SUPER LIP FUNNEL is HKS new technology and this new streamline shaped lip funnel taking air more smoothly from limited space at engine room.


The HKS price is around; 219:- Gbp for one set, And my price for one set is 110:- Gbp.

Pm or mail me.

Kindest Regards Klaus, Sweden
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