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Hiya All,

We are selling this rare R33 GTR Race Shell, which is an ex Hosaka Time Attack Car, and also Uk Time Attack car.

There are many options this car can be sold in, but in keeping with the rules of the forum, we will advertise the car in one guise, but please get in contact to have this car supplied as you require it.

1996 R33 GTR V Spec Rolling Shell - Seam Welded and Welded in Multipoint MSA / FIA Roll Cage.

video of this car recently on Track... Anglesey chasing Damo in his R35 GTR - YouTube

Supplied with :

-V5 Documents
-IKEYA Formula Arms front and rear
-Black Art Design 3 way adjustable Suspension (This is a company who are based at Silverstone Race Circuit, and custom make suspension for race cars, matched to the car)
-Seam Welded Shell
-Multipoint to all 4 suspension mounts Welded in Cage MSA / FIA approved including door bars
-Light Weight Doors
-Carbon Bonnet
-CArbon Bootlid
-Lexan Windows
-FRP Wings
-Modified Front Bumper
-Carbon Canards
-Deep Sideskirts with Carbon Extensions

We are happy to arrange for this shell to go outside of the UK

Looking for offers in the Region of £10,500, but of course, if you need more, or less parts on the car, it is all negotioable

If you are looking for new parts - Try our Online Webshop - TMS Motorsport | TMS Motorsport


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How much for the bat symbol on the bonnet :chuckle:
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