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Hi all has anyone gotta pic of the fuse box layout in english for r33 the one in the drivers cabin as fault finding is quite difficult without it.
Many thanks

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Wheres Glenn when you need him...

Here you go:

R33 Fusebox translation
Dashboard Fusebox
Left Column, top to bottom: Right Column, top to bottom
10A – Rear Wiper 10A – Shift lock
10A – Anti-stop 10A – A/T control
10A – Starter Indicator 10A – Air conditioner
10A – Room lamp 10A – Engine control
10A – Stop lamp 10A – Air bag
10A – Electrics 20A – Blower motor
10A – Engine Control 20A – Blower motor
10A – Hazard lamp 10A – Audio
15A – Fog lamp 15A – Cigarette lighter
10A – Turn signal 20A – Front wiper
10A – Meters 10A – Mirror de-fogger
10A – Electrics 20A – Rear de-fogger
Note that the engine bay fuse / relay box has a fuse key printed on the inside of the cover in
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