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I have a set of 4 CompoMotive 17" X 8.5" wheels with an ET11 offset with rubber on them, (Perelli Pzero C at £250 a tyre) One of the tyres needs replacing though.They fit, and are the correct offset for a Sky R33.

The wheels have been little used as I have used them only for track days BUT are in perfect condition (no curbing etc) will post pictures later.

Also, I have a set of brand new Marshal Power Racer (Dunlop, I believe) tyres
255 x 40 x 17 tyres.

These tyres will fit the wheels !!

I can split or would rather sell the whole lot together. Looking for £600-00 for the wheels (with the Perelli's on them, WHAT A F*CKING BARGAIN) and
£400-00 for the tyres. C'Mon a hundered quid for each tyre !!! ya canny go wrong my boy (or Girl) :) :p :D
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