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Some stuff up for grabs....

Rear Fog Light (bumper mounted,ideal for fresh imported car) £5 collected

R33 GTST Front Bottom Arms (Pair, 2nd hand). £15 collected

Skyline panel, the letters are hollowed out as I was dabbling....£5 collected...

Goodman DVD / CD / MP3 player. It's free standing but can remove the sides to make a 1din unit. Came to me 2nd hand, so £10

Uprated Polyeurothane Front Inner Bushes (pair, both sides). £22 collected

Band Expander. £6 posted

Genuine Nissan Front Track Rod End Bush £15 posted.

Custom Speakers for the wing mirror trim. Only one speaker fitted other is just the fitting bracket (that's the way these came to me from the previous owner!). £20 part ex'd with your STANDARD wing mirror trim (both sides)

Tension Rod R33 Spec 1 - Usable but bush isn't great £15 collected

R33 GTST Rear Brake Disks & Pads (Blue Print) £65 collected

R33 GTST Rear Brake Pads (ICE) £10 collected

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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