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Hi all. I bought a pair of new 2860-5s in 2010. Now the previous winter i changed som parts on the car:

*tomei cams
*Adjustable pullies.

After remap last summer, the car has suffered from heavy shuffleing. Ive lived with it the whole summer and wasnt bothered as i got rid of it by depressing the gaspedal.

This winter i took the engine out and noticed that one turbocharger spins more freely than the other. Either one turbo has been overspinning because of the shuffle and now spins easier than the other, or the one that doesnt spin as freely(spins like a journal bearing type) has had some kind of problem.

What do you guys think? whats the cause of one turbo spins more freely than the other? there is no excessive play in the shafts at all. Ive have 1mm restrictors, and running the turbos on 1.4bar allt the time since new.

please help me

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