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Seems as though I have a blowing turbo/manifold gasket, so time to replace those turbos with something a bit fresher. I'm not searching for crazy power, but want to get a little more out of the car so I'm going for 2860-7s. I have already got some parts as it was something I was going to do eventually..

New Manifold gaskets
Turbo Gasket set (genuine)
HPI elbows and a mines front pipe

But struggling to find concrete information on some other parts, don't plenty of searching but seems to be a case of one person says one thing, someone else says something completely different..

Oil Restrictors - Pretty sure the HKS 0.8mm are the ones I need? Standard engine and oil pump
Turbo oil drains - I read that these are slightly different on the Garretts and you need some kind of adapter?
Vacuum lines - Ideally may aswell replace these while they are easier to get to, not measured them yet and unsure which type to get without trying to track down genuine ones so any recommendations are welcome
Braided coolant/oil lines - Are they actually any good? Or which ones are the best and which to avoid
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