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Hi everyone, I have a problem with my R32 that is really rather annoying. Let me explain:

So a few days ago, I go to start my car and roll down my windows, and find that my power windows are not working. Both passenger and driver window controls do absolutely nothing.

Also, my Front Torque Gauge, Fuel Level Gauge, RPM gauge, Engine Pressure gauge, and coolant temp gauge are all not working. The gauges are OEM. The only gauge that is working is the speedometer, because it is a mechanical speedometer, not electrical. If I'm not mistaken?

But anyways, I have no idea where to begin in terms of finding the problem. Are the windows and gauges an interrelated problem? I have yet to change my Power Window 25 amp fuse under the hood, although the fuse appears fine, the metal strip in the middle has not melted.

Any help would be very appreciated,

thanks alot,
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