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Any help diagnosing what's wrong would be useful!

Symptoms: -

  • Drives normally throughout all gears except first - see below
  • Can't drop down into first gear until slowing right down and then it slots in fine.
  • First gear occasionally - only just happened yesterday - makes a scraping kind of noise when pulling off
  • Strong smell of gearbox oil in the cabin
  • Drip of gearbox oil dripping from the connection between the gearbox and the engine

It's not the same gearbox that came with the car from factory as the initial gear box had a problem with third gear so we bought a second hand gear box and fitted this quite quickly.

Dropped shockproof oil in and everything seems normal although this issue has just started so I've garaged the car for a while until I get it on my lift and see if there's anything I can investigate further.
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