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I'm laid up with a nasty cold, and thought I'd well, post some general chit chat :p

I installed the modified twin turbo pipe. Easiest job ever, and the polish on the thing is like a mirror. Can barely make out the welds as well - I'm not the finicky type but the piece now makes the rest of my engine bay look bad.

So two things done, yet the car can't be driven on boost nor very far, as the alternator has truly died. A bit irritating as it was a fresh rebuilt unit only a year old. Replacement is on its way but will take 2-3 weeks. If only I had locked the water pump pulley down before testing the engine without the fan! :(

replacement viscous clutch for the fan works quite well though, and an RPM-related ticking sound which caused be to become paranoid about my bearings turned out to be...the old viscous clutch. I have a remarkably quiet engine - kudos to the guys who built it. They did **** it up a couple times but they eventually got it right. I do have to look on the bright side - there have been mistakes done on my engine, but the cost is nothing compared to what I'd have to pay in the UK.

I found the source of oil odor - the bridge hose between my cam cover breathers is cracked. If I can find my old bits (PCV hose and rebreather hose to intake) I can cut and reuse them but I have a feeling I threw them away....:( Wrapped it in electrical tape for the interim.

All that's left is to finish my stereo mod - no more stereo. Just iPod Touch to JL Audio line driver to two Polk amps. A toggle switch to fire everything up, whether or not the car is on.

And I reinstalled the valve into my ATS silencer housing. I figure I'll want to hear the stereo for once. Should have mounted my 044 pumps in rubber, because they are very very very very loud and with the ATS silencer all you hear is the whine of the fuel pumps.

This post makes no sense. I wish I could drive my car. I'm on so much cold medication I can't drive anyways. I just sort of go down to the garage and tinker a bit, then go back to bed. Wish I could rest more but there is no letup in my 60 hour/week work schedule, sick or not.
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