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Hey guys, new to the forums but not to the scene! Own a little performance shop in Kelowna BC with a couple good friends. I'll be documenting my winter build here because secrets suck. I think I'll handle this in separate chunks as opposed to small updates, should keep things cleaner.

This car is going to be a drift/demo car for me and my friends company GeneticTuning.


When I first received the car from [email protected], it was an entry level car with a few problems and minimal modifications. These issues needed to be sorted before inspection.

Modifications were:

-ATS & Across 2 way limited slip differential.

-HKS Pod filter.

-HKS Super Dragger Exhaust.

-Greddy turbo timer.

-A/M front pipe.

-Tein adjustable suspension.

-Nismo sport clutch.

-Mismatched Advan AVS wheels (rear) and Volk fronts.

-Greddy boost gauge.

-Unknown brand fstb.

-HKS bov.

Problems noted were:

-Completely worn out pads and deeply gouged rotors.

-Typical leaking water pump.

-All belts looking a little sorry.

-Holes in the trunk.

-Paint tired and dull.

-Mismatching front seats.

And here she was in landed condition, sat like this all winter;


Come summer I decided I'd get her on the road. Failed my first inspection, no surprise there, but thought I'd give it a shot. Car wasn't starting after I got home from that first inspection, time to troubleshoot.

So in order to get the car moving and pass inspection did the following;

-Swapped leaking water pump w/ oem replacement.

-Swapped out exhaust cam w/ oem replacement.

-Swapped out CAS w/ oem replacement.

-New oem ECU.

-New fuel filter.

-Ditched Greddy boost gauge (broken).

-Tossed on matching pair of front wheels (painted them all white).

-Wired up horn.

-Tossed in matching front seats (Gts-t oem).

-Wired up my DRLs.

-New oem rotors and pads.

-Fiberglassed all cracks in my bumper.

-Tossed on AMS RUCAs and FUCAs.

-20 new oem wheels studs.

-20 Trust aluminum lugs.

-Tomei timing belt, oem (PitWork) replacement ancillary belts.

-Welded trunk holes up and shaved rear trunk lock.

-New drivers side seatbelt.

-New wipers.

After all this boring garbage she passed inspection and was drivable. Proceeded to do this that very same day;

Fun little slide w/ the boys. Very pleased w/ performance, and that LSD sends me sideways in a hurry. The car hiding behind mine is a RWD mid engine Accord, very trick. Buddy's built FD as well to the right.


After driving around like this for a while and drifting on a regular basis, decided to toss on what I had sitting in the garage.

Here's what I fitted:

-Type-M sideskirts and rear spats.

-ARC intercooler.

-ApexI intake.

-Removed leaking HKS bov. (Reverted to stock)

-Fitted Personal steering wheel. (Classic Nismo horn button)

-Installed NRG quick release hub.

-Fitted Razo weighted shift knob.

-Fitted Razo pedals. (Go ahead and laugh I love how grippy they are)

-Tossed on Razo broadview mirror.

-Removed rear seat.

-Painted calipers red.

-Dropped the coilovers to lowest height.

And that's how the car sits at this moment. (Minus the coilovers which I sold).


Now for the fun stuff. This is part one of two of my build, mild mods. Engine, engine management etc. will be addressed next winter.

Here's what I have stockpiled, ready to go on at the moment;

-Kei Office - Erfolg Kei coilovers. (fitted)

-Fluidyne Radiator. (fitted)

-Dual 12" fans. (fitted)

-SSR Gulf Stich wheels. (Will be painted)

-Yellow Jacket coilpacks.

-Greddy Profec-B boost controller.

-AMS tension rods. (fitted)

-New N1 front bumper.

-Custom GeneticTuning 3" straight pipe exhaust.

-Custom GeneticTuning 12 point cage.

-Custom GeneticTuning forward facing plenum.

-Custom GeneticTuning exhaust manifold.

-R34 GTT RB25 neo turbo.

-NRG Innovations seats. (black)

-NRG Innovations 5 point cam lock harnesses.

-New lick of paint.

More to come!

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Not a whole lot to update parts wise here but a couple small things to talk about nonetheless.

Interior is more or less stripped and ready to be painted/cleaned up/caged, just need to remove all that damn sound deadening;

Height is back to a respectable level (I cannot believe how adjustable the Kei Office's are for height);

Shot of the new coilovers and wheels (which will be painted);

Bought a Fluidyne rad;

And these to help her out;

I'm going to have to mount it with some custom work as It's not a RB rad, but that just makes things more fun.

What every night looks like @ our little modding sanctuary;


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Sweet HC32s with RB25s are sweet for drifting :smokin:

Im so jealous of the massive area you guys have to play in :)

I didnt spot any mods to give you extra lock - id recommend Tien rods and ends or if you are on a budget just grinding off the lock stops and welded a plate onto the arm to stop them going to far over centre

Tension rods are also a must a on any drift car they will greatly improve the 'feel' of the front end

Im also a big fan of replacing the steering bush as they can get old and brittle

Stainless Steering Bush

Also no mention of Hicas mods ? - defo get a lock out bar or if you are feeling posh

Driftworks Total HICAS Eliminator

and finally if you are not going to solid bush the subframe make sure you get subframe locking collars as i bet you have been feeling the subframe bounce about a bit when you have been practising :thumbsup:

Alas this forum are not so crazy about drifting but if you put your project thread here you will get feedback from like minded drifters from across the globe

Drift Car Projects and Builds - Drifting forum - Driftworks

Tell us more about the mid engined accord it sounds crazy :runaway:

Sorry to Cem for the blatant DW plugs just want fellow drifters to progress :D
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