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I have a set of origional R34 gtr rims that were refurbished a few years ago and have had very little use.
They were blasted and painted and lacquered rather than powder coating because I was lead to believe that powder coating can hide some of the definition arround the edges.i also bought at the time 4 new centre caps from rhd Japan and had them painted the same colour as the wheels.
I fitted new bridgestone potenzas at the same time and has the wheels balanced.
The wheels cost me 800 quid from Japan at the time
The refurb cost 400 and the tyres where about 750 I think
And the centre caps were arround 120 quid at the time
So I'm into these wheels big time.
I took a tyre of there rims to fix a ripped tyre in the 33gtr I'm selling right now so I'll be selling these wheels as a set/minus one tyre
They will fit any of the gtr range,and I'm told they look really good on Sylvia's also.
I've seen beat up standard rims with no tyres go for 750,so for a quick sale I'm asking 750 for my rims as is,and I can get my courier to send them to any address in the uk for a small fee.
I need to clear some garage space and declutter my life
The price is a firm no haggling,no BS price so ill be very offended if anyone try's to make an offer.
The rims will be taken off my 34 this Friday evening after it's mot.


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What size ??? 18" ??
Width ?

and did they sell ?
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