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Hi again...

after getting som egood advise, I will now move on to, the "getting it done?" fase...

i got this list by a m8, who recon this will be suitable and reliable upgrades, if I still wanna use it for everyday driving...

HKS 264 Step 1 intake and exhaust cams
Apex-i drop in fuel pump
Nismo 555 injectors
SX Fuel Pressure Regulator
Blitz DD BOV's to replace the HKS's
XS Engineering Power pack
Apexi Racing plugs 8 heat range
AEM EMS with MAP conversion
Apexi cone filters
Blitz SBC ID

So I would like to hear If anyone know a good company that will do it, and I would like that company located near Denmark, if possible!?

and for the last bit.. what's it gonna run my wallet:D ?

hope to hear some suggestions on where to do get it done, what would be sensible boost to run it with, and maybe, how much, you know got to get used to the thought af spending :D
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