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As in the title ive got a set (4) of these gold MIM 16" 4x100 6 spoke wheels.

They came on my current daily (02 Civic) but are totally the wrong offset for it so ive reverted back to steelies.

Going by the info on the back of the wheels they are :
Made in Italy
4x100 PCD
6.5J x 16

Two tyres are 195 60 and two are 205 55 although all rims are the same width.

Two tyres have 3mm and two have 4mm although one of them has got a patch of wear thats just got to the canvass due to incorrect camber or toe I guess.

One has a small dent on the inner edge and when they were on the car (for all of two days) there was a noticeable vibration from one wheel. Wether this is due to the small dent, incorrect wheel weights, a oval tyre etc I do not know.

Im classing them as drift wheels with tyres so am asking £100

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