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Hi Guys

Just thought I would post up some pics of our latest repair to a GTR along with other mods it underwent :thumbsup:

The owner had accidently backed into a small wall and after seeing what we had done in th past with GTR paintwork booked it in with me to have us fix it along with a few other bits and bobs :smokin:

Job description:

Replace 1x exhaust tip
Replace rear diffuser
Remove and paint rear bumper
Tint windows all around
refurbish all wheels to gloss black
Full valet with clay bar treatment

The owner didnt want to have the whole front splitter wrapped in carbon as it would look odd against the original coloured sides and rear so to cover up a small scuff I did a custom piece free of charge to tidy it up :D

Thank you


A sneak peek of project magic 4 months in:


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Really nice paint job.

Is it done in water based or solvent based product?

Good to see the car looking back to top class condition

Nice job Robbie.:thumbsup:

Is this your own R35 by any chance?
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