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Try swaping the speakers from side to side. Does the tinge move to the other side of the CRT ? If it does, then its possible one of the speakers has a damaged magnet inside.

Does the TV ( You mean monitor ? ) have the green tinge when the speakers are removed ? If it does then you've probably killed one of the electron guns inside it.

You could try a sheet of tinfoil, temporarily draped between the speaker and TV, to see if the effect will be minimised, It may help to earth the the sheet of foil. If it does minimise the effect, then you could line (using glue) the interior of the speaker cabinet with the foil, or try RS Components for some graphite sheilding spray, this could be sprayed inside the speaker cabinet and inside the TV cabinet.

If the foil doesn't reduce / eliminate the flux leakage from the speakers when setup temporarily, then you'll probably never cure it.

Hmmm, takes me back to the early days of digital radio communications, the things we used to do to stop PC's causing interference. :rolleyes:
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