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Opie Oils is offering some very special prices on a pre-order and collect only basis for those of you attending Rallyday 2009 on Saturday 19th September 2009 at Castle Combe.

Our stand will be in the main paddock area and will feature some cool cars with a rally theme, so come along and see us even if you don’t want oil.

We are offering up to 40% off but only if you pre-order on our web site (or via email/telephone) and collect on the day as we will not be offering these prices on a mail order basis, it’s a RALLYDAY 2009 COLLECT IN PERSON SPECIAL only.

Here are some of the products and prices we are offering. If you are interested in any other products, please email or PM us for a special RALLYDAY 2009 pre-order & collect price.

Silkolene Pro S 5w-40 (5 Litres) £36.00
Silkolene Pro S 10w-50 (5 Litres) £36.00
Silkolene Pro R 15w-50 (5 Litres) £36.00
Silkolene SYN 5 75w-90 (1 Litre) £ 9.00
Silkolene XTR 10w-40 (4 Litres) £ 9.00

Fuchs Titan XTR 5w-30 (5 Litres) £13.00

Redline Heavy Shockproof (1 Quart) £12.50
Redline Lightweight Shockproof (1 Quart) £12.50
Redline SuperLight Shockproof (1 Quart) £12.50
Redline MT90 75w-90 Gear Oil (1 Quart) £11.00
Redline MTL 70w-80 Gear Oil (1 Quart) £11.00

Motul 300V 5w-30 (2 Litres) £18.00
Motul 300V 5w-40 (2 Litres) £18.00
Motul 300V 10w-40 (2 Litres) £18.00
Motul 300V 15w-50 (2 Litres) £18.00
Motul 8100 XCess 5w-40 (5 Litres) £23.00
Motul RBF 600 (500mls) £ 9.00

Castrol Edge/Edge TD 0w-30 (4 Litres) £35.00
Castrol Edge 5w-30 (4 Litres) £35.00
Castrol Edge 10w-60 (4 Litres) £35.00
Castrol Edge TD 5w-40 (4 Litres) £32.00
Castrol Edge Sport 0w-40 (4 Litres) £32.00
Castrol Edge Sport 10w-60 (4 Litres) £32.00

Gulf Competition 5w-40 (5 Litres) £38.00
Gulf Competition 10w-40 (5 Litres) £38.00
Gulf Competition 15w-50 (5 Litres) £38.00
Gulf Competition 10w-60 (5 Litres) £38.00

Amsoil Synthetic MTF (1 Quart) £11.00
Amsoil Synthetic ATF (1 Quart) £11.00

All prices include VAT.

You can pay on the day via cash or card (sorry no cheques accepted) or you can give us a call beforehand on 01209 215164 option 2 and save time on the day.

We will have little or no additional stock to sell on the day so to avoid disappointment you must pre-order. If you do not collect your order then you will lose these special prices.

So, fill in the form on our web site (no payment required at this stage) and we will ensure that your order is with us at RALLYDAY 2009.

Look forward to seeing you all there!

Oilman and the Team

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