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Just a very small update, things are really slow at the moment so struggling to get a good post together, I think the problem is poor planning on my part, it's been going on for so long now that I find I've missed the refurbishing of a lot of the smaller bits that are needed to put the bigger parts back together, to enable those to be refitted, In my defence, when I took it apart I never intended going to this extent.

Looked at this lot the other day and thought, I can't re-use these, so all new have been ordered, no easy task believe me, four different companies in three different countries,


Here is a list of the front wing / fender isolating washers that I found somewhere for those who are interested, still need to double check if the quantities are right as they haven't arrived yet but hopefully everything should be ok,


Something else that never entered my head in the early days, cleaning the wiring loom, had to have a go at this,



So went and got a couple of rolls of non adhesive PVC loom tape and a bowl of hot soapy water, half a day later, I was getting there,



Then had a go at re-fitting it, I'm going to try and get the damaged label re-printed, I left the old one in place so I could get the location and orientation of the new one correct once I get it,


Also did some of the internal loom as well, washed and re-taped,


Had a few of the smaller parts powder coated, as was pointed out, these are all parts no one will ever see apart from me and you guys of course.



As for the brake lines, I did paint them, but wasn't happy with the finish so took them to be blasted and powder coated as well, these pictures don't do them justice, they look amazing in real life, well, as amazing as brake pipes can look that is,

Think that's it for now, till next time, see ya.....

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Thought i'd nip by your thread and see how you had progressed with the car - mighty encouraging steps forward!!

Please keep it coming. Seeing everything go from corrosion, dirt, grime and rust through to clean, beautifully plated and re-finished is such a satisfying process.
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