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I don't know how many of you have damaged the sexy wheels that your cars were imported with, but having done so myself and been through the torture of trying to find replacements I thought it might be helpful if we set up a sight/forum/information page similar to that for 'insurance' and 'garages'.

I had a set of 5 piece split rim Impul RS Hoshino racing alloys on my car when it was imported and managed to prang one after a very stupid slide on some ice:eek:. I had very major problems trying to get hold of Impul rims and only fater buying some BK racing rims did I find a site taht sells Impul (Thanks Talat!).

For those who are looking for or who currently have Impul, or other japanese rims the following site may be helpful if (1) you want something new and (2) you prang (hopefully not!) your rims.

I also had big problems trying to get UK rims which would fit the front calipers. Tried Nissan and they were less than helpful. Phoned around various alloy wheel shops and got the 'oh yes those grey imports are a nightmare...' story. Yeah, very amusing but not very helpful.

Would it be worth setting up somes links or produsing some sort of list of what rims fit and where we can buy them from?

No doubt its already been done, if so can someone point me in the right direction?

Ta lots,

Stu McC
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