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Short movie I made at Grobnik track (Croatia) on Tuesday.

It was an insanely hot day, temp was around 38-40C plus humidity... It was my first time there so I'm still learning the track and all my rounds were made in the GT-R as wife wouldn't let her X go (she was having too much fun). I don't know how much water and soft drinks I drank that day, but I think it at least equals how much petrol the car consumed...

The track day was part of AdriaRace which is a yearly trip done by a bunch of Swiss petrol heads. They come to Croatia, do the thing on Grobnik and then spend the rest of the week on the beach. :smthumbup

GT-R @ Grobnik AdriaRace 18.06.2013 - YouTube

I hope next time it won't be a bloody Volcano! :flame:
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