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we need 20 people for the group buy 4.

(i cant place the full order with Endless until we have at least 20 people, once we have the correct amount of people for group buy - then we can start taking payments).

i want to avoid the scenario of last time were person number 1 paid instantly and other members took 4 weeks to pay. (person number 1 then had 5 weeks wait for nothing so please if possible speed up payments once 20 guys are signed up)..

so once numbers are in we will then collect all payments,. (once all payments made we will then order the parts).

for more info on this product please look here -

Bonnet blow disarm?

(in a nutshell it means with these fitted if your car hits a bird or a road cone your bonnet will not pop up and cause £££ of damage..

with these also installed there will be no dash lights or faults.

it purely disables the bonnet from raising up in the event of a hitting something on track days.

fitting guide

R35 Endless Hood bonnet canceller installation

Price will be £80 plus UK recorded delivery at £3 at, if EU then a little more.

UK total £83

EU total £80 plus EU delivery £6 (mainland EU - £86)

payments can be made via Paypal or Bank transfer if you prefer.

Paypal payments to - please cover the 4% paypal fee

[email protected]

(please include forum user name and postage address)..


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Yes please, I'll email when not mobile.

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have these saved anyone? from an expensive fix that does not track their car?

if it did got off would your insurance not cover it??

Are there any implication on your insurance if you have these?
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