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As many of you know, SpeedForSale is the distributor for RacingBrake GT-R rotors, and we are always working hard to bring the best prices and deals on parts to GT-R owners. We have many positive feedbacks on RacingBrake OE replacement rotors and pads for the R35 GT-R, and after several discussions with Warren at RacingBrake, we are starting up this group buy for their up-coming 2-piece open slot rotor kits.

So, you might ask, what are the main advantages of RacingBake***8217;s open slot rotors compared to the regular slotted design? Here are some of the features.

Uni-directional center mount design ***8211; Center-mount rotors provide air inlets from BOTH inboard and outboard. (as opposed to traditional surface mount design only from inboard)
1. Balances stress and heat load
Reduces heat transfer to hat resulting in cooler discs
Open Slots design ***8211;
Has the advantages of both drilled & slotted rotors
Allows the disc to expand and contract and prevents the disc from cracking or warping
Increasing cooling area and retains more friction surface
Slots relieves thermal stress
Slots are self cleaning and the pad build up will not clog the slots and are exhausted via the rotor edge keeping the disc surface clean
Reduces brake pad dust buildup and keeps the wheel clean through vacuum effect
Convergent vanes: This is RacingBrake***8217;s patented design. Convergent vanes are the most innovative design, and are paired with the latest production technology. RacingBrake***8217;s design aims to further improve the cooling efficiency over traditional curved vanes.
The suction (air inlet) is wider allowing more air intake.
The discharge (air outlet) is narrower to increase air flow.
As the air pressure increases towards discharge, the air temperature also increases. The number of cooling vanes (which act as the heat sink / heat exchanger) also increases to handle the higher heat load.

More features can be found on the RacingBrake***8217;s website. Two-piece Rotor Assembly -

Sounds pretty good right? So, is there any catch? Well yes, if you count time as ***8216;a catch***8217;, as this group buy will only be available for 2 weeks. Once the time is up, they will go back to our normal price.

For this one time introductory group buy, here is what we are offering:

Two-piece rotor (Open Slot) - GT-R (R35) FRONT 2012 (pair) ***8211; MSRP $2171.95, GB price $1737.56 with FREE SHIPPING*. RacingBrake Two-Piece Front Rotors for 2012+ GT-R, R35 Nissan GT-R, RB_R35_2205

Two-piece rotor (Open Slot) - GT-R (R35) FRONT 08-11 (pair) ***8211; MSRP $1707.64, GB price $1366.11 with FREE SHIPPING*. RacingBrake Two-Piece Front Rrotors for 08-11 GT-R, R35 Nissan GT-R, RB_R35_2163

Two-piece rotor (Open Slot) - GT-R (R35) REAR 08-12 (pair) ***8211; MSRP $1839.98, GB price $1471.98 with FREE SHIPPING*. RacingBrake Two-Piece Rear Rotors for 08-13 GT-R, R35 Nissan GT-R, RB_R35_2184

You can order them though the direct link I provided. Feel free to ask any questions or concerns. Either Warren or I will answer your question as quickly as possible. Thank you.

*Free shipping is only for customers in the lower 48 states in the United States of America. International customers will receive a $50 discount toward their international shipping charge.
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