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Hi guys

I know I properly should put this in the trade section and if it’s that much of a problem could one of the moderators please move it for me!!

But I just need a quicker replay and more people look in this section!!

But anyway I’m just putting together a large order to send of to SFS Performance and was wondering if any of you where interested in getting some hose kits To brighten up your engine bay?. And if enough of you are interested then I can do a pretty good deal on a discount depending how many people are interested!.

We try to do the best price we can but if enough people come forward when we can do the following discounts, off the kits below.:thumbsup:

Skyline GT R32 – R33 (1) Air Intake AH01----£30
Skyline GTR R32 - R33 (3) Breather BH03----£75
Skyline GTR R32 (2) Coolant CHS25----£46
Skyline GTS R32 (2) Coolant CHS58----£46
Skyline GTR R32 (4) Intercooler THS56----£220
Skyline GTR R32/33/34 (1) Heater Hose HH01----£24
Skyline GTR R33 (2) Coolant CHS26----£46
Skyline GTR R33-R34 (4) Heater Hose HH04----£110
Skyline GTR R33 (4) Intercooler THS62----£220
Skyline GTS R33 Breather Hose Kit (6) Breather BH06----£106
Skyline GTS R33 (2) Coolant CHS142----£70
Skyline GTT ER34 (2) Coolant CHS145----£46
Skyline GTR R34 (2) Coolant CHS64----£46
Skyline ER34 Lower Rad Hose (1) Coolant----£29

discounts off the above prices depending how many kits are ordered?.
Between 5-10kits - 10%
Between 10-20kits - 15%
Between 20-30kits - 20%
Between 30-40kits – 25%

the prices above are plus vat and delivery.

also the kits are Available in blue,black,red,purple,green,yellow.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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