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Front Wings / Engine.... Need The Space

Front wings........
Had these made by a friend last year for my 32, but never got round to fitting them before i sold the car....
They were molded from genuine wings and fit perfectly (but will require further prep once fitted). At the moment they're half prepped and in 2K primer. They owe me just over £600 :eek: ..... But open to offers around £300 or thereabouts ;)
Can also deliver at extra cost.
PM with offers guys, i need these out of my way......

RB25DET from an R33 GTS25t. Low milage (64,000). Suspect the rings have gone on cylinders 5 & 6 (smoked a little when warm, not turbo fault). Bought it to rebuild and put in the R32, but alas, didn't have the spare time or money at the time.
Bits that are missing.... Exh manifold, turbo, flywheel, coils, cambelt covers, crank pulley.
First with £250 gets this lump out of my way ;)

Cheers for looking :)
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