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No idea if it'll even be of interest to anyone but going to sell my custom one-off top spoiler section I had created by Xquiste for my GT-R.

I paid originally around £150 from Albert for the top piece (needed a spare brake light at that time) and then with costs of paint, design, etc it effectively costed around £800 by time it was finished.

Looking to trying and get back £500 ono for it. It's the top section you which is currently wrapped in Oyster Pearl by PW Pro, underneath is DMG colour (Grey as I call it).

Its a like-for-like fit, OEM brake light goes straight in etc, I have a few spare spoiler bits like the middle lifter for example that can be included should they be of use.

Reason for selling is simply as I run a ducktail boot so no spoiler.

If you look here a chap on GTRLife use to make them around page 4-5 there is lots of photos of how it looks as mine is virtually identical. 2009-2012 r35 carbon fiber spoiler (custom made) - Exterior & Interior - GT-R Life

Few images of the spoiler here that I'm selling:

Comparison vs Stock: Looks subtle but is a few inches larger.

In motion at Bedford before Black Flagged:

Static shots of it on car:

As said no idea if it'll be of interest to anyone but thought I'd list as it's gathering dust on the shelf in my garage.

Ideally would prefer collection, I do travel the lengths of the country so it's possible I can assist and deliver as well, worse case I'll post but couriers scare me on car parts.

If you do come to buy / collect I'm happy to remove the wrap for your inspection to show the paint underneath is perfect. It was sprayed then wrapped 2 weeks later before touching the car. Of course if your car isn't DMG colour it won't matter to much anyway.
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