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Increase response and power with the GTR larger diameter cold air intake

-The GTC kit will require calibration to compensate for the larger MAF housing. (The intake will cause the vehicle to run lean without tuning.)
-No need to worry about maxing out the MAF on your high horsepower GT-R anymore!
-Constructed from 6061 Aluminum
-Seamless ONE-PIECE design, no welds in the intact tract!
-Superior flow
-Filter included
-Induction sound music to your ears

I have mapped virtually every after-market GT-R intake available - aam, akuma, forge, hks, greddy, synapse, cobb tuning, harman, and others... pipe diameter, maf flange position, filter will make or break how good an intake is to map.

Stock airboxes, vs GTC intakes. Both same day and same dyno session. Boost is the same on both runs. gtc intakes blue line, see's a nice 24hp gain and 16n torque gain.

For reference a stock GTR on this dyno makes 355-365whp.

As used on a number of fast UK R35's ;)

£300 + vat

GTROC promo £250 + vat and includes free GTC remap !

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