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Hi guys as some of you know i was lucky enough to be part of this years Nissan Race Academy Series.

I have started to put all of my videos onto You Tube to document my GTR Ownership and the Series.

There are 3 videos of the First Round of the Nissan Race Academy - 2 of me on the Southern Circuit of Silverstone in one of Nissan's GTR's and another in a 370z. All race Academy videos have VBox overlay showing Speed, circuit Map, G etc and include both in car and external video footage.

I have also put a video up of my own car with the following exhaust mods:

GTC 90mm Titanium Race Exhaust and Mid Pipe
GTC 80mm Catless Downpipes
Cobb Custom Map from Thistle

The first video is a standing throttle blip after warming it up of course.

To follow in the next few days are the following videos:

Fly by sound clip of new exhaust set up
Some tunnel action and sound clip
Videos from the Nissan Race Academy Final again at Silverstone but this time on Stowe Circuit and also the Head to Head Circuit.
If the weather is nice on Sunday the first ever Scottish Subaru v Nissan Quarter Mile Grudge Match

I would really appreciate if folks on GTROC would take the time to view, rate and comment on my videos and also if they would join my channel to see future videos added.



YouTube - Nissan R35 GTR Full Titanium Race exhaust with catless downipes sound - Standing throttle blips

YouTube - Nissan Race Academy Silverstone 2009 R35 GTR Part 2

YouTube - Nissan Race Academy Silverstone 2009 R35 GTR Part 1

YouTube - Nissan Race Academy Silverstone 2009 370z

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My race academy was only my 2nd time on track and youre about 3-5 miles per hour slower through the corners and 7 mph slower down the straight than me ;)

I dont feel so bad now :p

Mind you i did outbreak myself into one corner a had a slight excursion onto the grass tho' :nervous:
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