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Been there done that...

We had all this a while back on the 200SX board. We were sharing with the 300ZX guys, but we grew too big and had to move, which we did to Titan Internet. We got the BSD200 package which gives us 2GB of bandwidth per month, plus hosting, PHP, MySQL, etc, for £200 per year.

You can see the performance of our site at 200SX BB. Because we had to start paying for the hosting as well as the extra bandwidth we used (we shift in excess of 20GB a month, with over 10,000 visitors a *week*) we started a membership scheme, which for £15 means you got discounts, preferential treatment at events, some sticky things to fit to the car, etc.

We made the BB open to all, as it's only by attracting new members that a club stays alive.

Just some useful info from some guys who were exactly where you were only a few months ago.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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