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Anyone know when GTRCentral is going to be back up - I am in full leeching flow and I need more mpegs of crazy nipponese little blokes in 1000 horse skylines going BANZAI-IIIII DANIELSON up the A1(M) at 200mph oh yes.

Ahh so Nizzanan Skylinenan GeeTeeAhh Starrrt Orf!!!!!

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Ex Vi Termini

Oh yes indeedy:)

That top secret fella is a 100% loon - there is a movie of him doing 200mph in a Tokyo tunnel in a R33, its dark, and some guy is shoving a flashing camera in his face trying to take pictures of the instrument cluster LMAO!!

Another one of Nagata doing a burnout on the A1 and then some loony speed southbound before being, ahem, apprehended by 3 volvo T5 five-O :)

It is a wonder he can do 200mph with the amount of extra weight his balls add to the car.

Top stuff.

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He must have something going for him he looks like an ugly Harry Potter!!! not that im saying harry potter is a looker anyway, shit man Ill have lolly casting aspersions about my sexual pref again.

His skyline is one smart looking motor but if you ask me the man is mad in the napper.

Daft bstd
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