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Had a great day at Bedford on Saturday .

Sadly a Red flag stopped play early on , I thought I could see a black
Gtr out on track and just thought it was a mechanical issue .
Did not pay too much attention as I was chatting with another Petrolhead
until I saw a nice McLaren 720s in one of the pit garages .

Decided to have a look and then noticed some damage to the rear of the
car , speaking to the owner it turns out that the two cars had collided.

He thought that the gtr had tried to overtake in one of the bends which
resulted in the crash. Now I know there is always 2 sides to a story and
unfortunately did not get a chance to speak to the owner of the R35 in question.

Any one on here?

The McLaren has a £5000 insurance excess ! Ouch :eek:
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