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I had my R35 detailed last month by Robbie at Valet Magic in Ascot. It was a bit of an experiment on my part really as I was struggling (despite serious attempts, two buckets, proper drying cloths, detailing sprays etc) to really get the car looking good. Anyway, here are the results - it looked fantastic.

Magic Vs Another great GTR with Zaino - Detailing World

Got my paint work sorted from Robbie, I had a few swirls on the car and was not too pleased, black in the best (in looks) and worst (in aftercare) colour to go for, spoke to Robbie and he said he would sort it and he did.

He knows the paintwork well and I did ask him if the detailing would remove any paint layers and he assured me that he would not be that rough with the car, becuase the paintwork is so soft.
He worked through the night on the car and he did a perfect job, I have posted some links and it looks hot.

At the same time i decided to get the armourfend on the front sorted and killed two birds with one stone. Robbie orgainsed it with the guys for the film protection and they worked together.

It not that expensive and its well worth the looks after, I will proberly return in 9-10 months time. Cheers Robbie great job.

Robbie did an equally awesome job on mine just before the new year.

Another Nissan GTR gets some MAGIC... - Detailing World


Back from seeing Robbie at Valet Magic in Ascot today. Gave my Storm White a bit of colour correction and plenty of protection for the winter months. It was needed for the journey home in the sleet! Will try and post up a couple of photos when I've mastered it!

Robbie has now worked with most of the Nissan colour range but say's he really would like to get his hands on a red car! Can throughly recommend his service and knows the GTR paint issues so I'm sure he will try to help where he can.

Cheers Robbie


Hi Guys,

Nissan were trying to sell me £750 worth of Armourfend when I did the final spec of my car. I decided that any money would be better spend having the car detailed... So I did!!!!!!!!

I found Robbie - a Detailer near Ascot. He was simply great, and to be highly recommended. :bowdown1:

Here's a link to see what was done. I am very happy with the results.:chuckle::smokin:

Magic Vs Nissan GTR - Detailing World
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