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The Quarterly magazine for all members, sent out free as part of your membership, should have reached you by now. The feedback from the Skyline people seems pretty good so far!

If you are a member and not received it please allow for Postie's extra heavy sack at this time of year and it might take a bit longer.

In this edition there is a really cool write up about the 2009 Le Mans 24 hour event and a trip over. For 2010 we have already booked a large space to accomodate members and spaces are already filling up. If you want to join in and spend the weekend at Le Mans make sure you add your name to the list before it fills up
If you missed le Mans then you may have been at Silverstone to see the Nismo/Gigawave GT1 car on track. A good write up and plenty of pictures in the magazine as well as signed photographs of the drivers.

Other events covered in this edition include the BHP Performance Show at Lydden Hill and a fantastic trip to the Isle of Man, where speed limits only apply on the roads thrugh towns and where the weather is good and the mountain passes are just amazing. But if the British Isles are not to your liking there is also a great review of the recent trip to Mondeloo Park where the whole weekend was a festival of fun and a lot of great track and off track driving. Beyond that Spa Francorchamps and the Nurburgring proved even more popular than ever. As ever these are always on the calendar so look out for these in the Members Events section and the online shop under events: Products - GTR OWNERS CLUB

The Members Monster feature has been expanded and is your chance to get into print. We pick one car every month and do a major feature. Speaking of major features Mook's big day with white r32, r33, R34 and r35 convoys is a great read and some brilliant pictures. Really cool looking cars but for some reason this bloke in a suit and some woman in a white dress keep standing in the way!

Finally the very sad news that left us all in shock. The tragic and untimely death of Rob Gallagher not only meant we lost a great club member but also a great frined, a genuinely warm and friendly guy and a great friend to many people.

If you are not a member of the GTROC this magazine is not available to buy. The next edition will be out very soon.
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