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Top GTR Head, 1mm oversize valves with a mega port and polish and Tomei type B springs, machined for big cams, Pro job with new guides. Recon'd head rest of the head parts brand new. £1800

Tomie 280 Cams 11.?mm lift new £300

HKS Cam Pulleys new £100

R32/R33 Splitfires, used £150

Carbon engine covers used £100

Carbonectics Rear Diff with housing and half shafts £600

Nismo Front Diff (z-tune) new £400

Trust Sump Extension £320

Half Block 5500

Jun oil pump (new) £600

1000bhp ATI damper £300

R34 Gearbox conversion for R32, includes HKS clutch and flywheel £3600

R32 Gearbox £350

Mega greddy\turbo dynamics Turbo Kit 850bhp, used to be a 25G kit but turbos were f*cked so turbo dynamics upgraded them to BB turbos and still have the trust exhaust side on them so they fit the manifolds and downpipes. £4000

Single 100mm TB & Plenum, with custom pipework £650

Grex Brake Kit front 355mm discs 6 pots new £2100

R34 Rear Brembo conversion £250

Arc Intercooler £250

PAS pump £40

RC 1000cc Injectors £300

Bocsh 044 Fuel pump with R32 cradle £100

Aeromotive Fuel FPR with fittings and braided hose £100

Greddy Fuel Rail £50

Rear HICAS Lockout bar £40

Twin Electric Fan conversion R32 £130

R32 Carbon Cooling plate £80

Tweenies Old Stack Dash with surrond and all sensors and harness £800

Custom oil catch tank £60

Bee-r Limiter £80

AVCR, just base unit £100

SPA Carbon wing mirrors, brand new in the box £120 for pair

AFR gauge, digital read out, this used to be in a Veilside Demo car, worth a fortune new, full kit with sensor. Model number AF 700 used £180

New 2.8 bottom end with new N1 block and new 2.8 fardon stroker kit. All machined for 87mm pistons, ARP head studs installed. Price later..

More parts to add later on, and can get any info you need.

Most parts are at perfect touch at the moment but i will collect them soon.

Also M's Factory R32 Wide arch car which i bought last year, looking for what i paid for it really. No Tax or MOT but the car has been covered and not used for a year. I can get it MOT'd for the buyer.

Basically I am moving abroad this year and there is no point continuing the project, i will love to but cant miss this chance for me and my family.

I know I will get a lot of PM's here so if my PM box is full i will try and clear it as quick as i can.


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Hi Dave, do you have a model number for the Stack dash??

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