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Hi has anyone come across this issue, my r32 has a boost problem and a running problem maybe link not sure.

I have recently purchase this car and found it was breaking down around 3k rpm then i noticed that it was only boosting to around 0.4.

And it cuts out in third gear around 6300 rpm. First second revs all the way no problems.

The car has a Blitz ECU and that's basically it.

Things I've done to try and resolve this.

Spitfire coils and new coil loom
Replace vacuum lines and tested actuators (although only to see if they worked with compressed air)
New Nismo i/c piping
Replaced BOV and Recirc pipes
Removed Factory Restrictor

Since changing these parts the car has more touque and pulls reasonably OK for the standard setup, but still has the original problems.

Any ideas at all
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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