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GTROC and GTR Register FAQs

Who are the GTR Register?
The GTR Register (otherwise known as The Register or are a forum started by Demo Media that was sold in 2012 to Vertical Scope (or VS as they will now be referred to). VS are a Canadian organisation who own and manage a large number of forums across the world. VS are a commercial organisation and revenues are generated by advertising revenue. It is important to note that the GTR Register is totally separate from the GTR Owners Club. The GTR Register has, historically, hosted the discussions & event threads for the GTR Owners Club & this relationship is a positive one and Vertical Scope have licensed the GTROC name and branding for 2014.

Who are the GTR Owners Club?
The GTR Owners Club & GTR Owners Club Limited (otherwise known as ***8216;the club***8217; or GTROC) is the only officially recognised owners club for the Skyline and GTR. The GTROC is a not for profit organisation paid for entirely by advertising revenue, events, shop items & donations with a home on the web of WWW.GTROC.ORG.
It is important to note that none of the traders or advertising from the GTR Register ( benefits the club. The GTROC is run by a Management board of volunteers who give their time and effort to the club & are elected at the Annual General Meeting

Why are there two websites and why are they separate?
As explained above the GTROC is a not for profit organisation running events, activities & provides services for the benefit of the membership. The GTR Register is a commercially owned website which has no formal relationship with the club other than providing a platform which the GTROC use to discuss all manner of Skyline, Stagea and GTR related topics. The GTROC has recently developed a newly upgraded site which will provide an events calendar, membership database and an enhanced shop in addition to the existing news, articles, shop & social media links.

How does the relationship work?
The GTR Register hosts the discussions for the GTROC free of charge and in reciprocation the GTROC promotes the Register as the place for discussion in the GTR community. Of course a GTROC forum has been considered but with the wealth of history and content on the Register a breakaway or second forum has the potential to split the community and limit the expansive discussions which take place. The GTROC, being a voluntary organisation and not for profit, means it can hold fantastic relationships with a host of enthusiasts whether they be traders, tuners, owners and Nissan themselves. The GTROC has regular meetings with Nissan Motor GB and Japan and Nissan help support the club and the owners with assistance at events - such as the Autosport Show, the club annual AGM and Awards Dinner as well as track events during the year.

Why should I join the club and what do I get?

Joining the GTR Owners Club as a Standard Member (£45.00) provides a wealth of benefits including (but not limited to):
* An Annual Membership Pack with GTROC Folder (ideal for that service or modification history)
* A Stainless Steel Membership Card
* Access to GTROC only events such as Ten of the Best, Asda On Your Marks day, 30-130, the Autosport Show Stand, European & Japanese Tours as well as specialised local meets.
* Track Days organised by the club at places such as Brands Hatch, Silverstone or Donnington.
* Straightline and Drag Racing events such as the JapShow Series, Santa Pod & Ten of the Best
* Access to a fantastic relationship with Nissan Motor GB, Nissan Europe & Japan which has led to events such as VIP hosting at GT series at Silverstone, car launch events and access to hospitality at the Nurburgring 24 Hours

Joining as an Executive Lifetime Membership (£95.00) extends your annual membership of the GTROC with a single additional payment. This must be paid within your standard 12 month membership, not after expiry and is a one off payment. This gives you:
* Access to additional discounts from vendors such as 15% off Zircotec coatings
* A Carbon Fibre Membership Card
* Lifetime membership of the GTROC
* Money can***8217;t buy opportunities
* Discounts from vendors such as Toyo Tyres
* A great group of new friends and enthusiasts who share your passion for cars, Nissan & the Skyline/GTR cars

Brilliant, how do I now join the club?

Visit the GTROC Online Shop at WWW.GTROC.ORG

Why doesnt my username and password work on the GTROC website?

As discussed above the GTROC website is a totally separate entity to the GTR Register. You will have to register yourself again on the GTROC site (please use your same forum name to keep consistent and we will endeavour to ensure people are able to keep their forum name on the GTROC website).

Why doesnt my membership status appear on the GTR Register?

With the two sites being separate when you join the GTROC the GTR Register has no way of knowing that a new member has joined. The membership status has no actual bearing on your membership of the GTROC and the Register put these titles up as a favour to the GTROC. The GTROC supply the Register with a list of those joining (or expiring) regularly but you will have to bear with us if it doesn***8217;t appear instantly.

Who do I contact for a GTR Owners Club Website Issue (password/username query)?

Please use the contact form on the WWW.GTROC.ORG website or email [email protected]

Who do I contact for a register issue (signatures/posting etc)?
For GTR Register issues please contact Mike Jukes (Mookistar) or one of the GTR Register moderators

Who do I contact for a shop/delivery query?

If you have a query regarding a delivery from the GTROC shop please use the contact form on the WWW.GTROC.ORG or email [email protected]. Please note all deliveries may take up to 28 days as stock is not held by the club directly, but by the supplier. The shop team are also volunteers so please don***8217;t expect an instant response - we do aim to get back to everyone within 48 hours.
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