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Another cut and paste from the shop section on this forum but again useful for GTROC Members none the less.

I've started to this section which will give answers to the most frequently asked questions that I get sent.
This will hopefully cut down on the amount of emails I receive asking the same thing(s) over and over :D
Please keep checking the original thread in the SHOP SECTION as I will update the thread.

Q. Is the GTROC Online Shop staffed 24/7?

A. No it is not, I have a life, family and day job to do as well! The online shop is run and overlooked by myself on a voluntary basis, but with the power of technology I check in as often as I can with the internet and smart phone technology. I am also on occasions assisted by other members of the GTROC Board and Management.

Q. I sent you a PM but received a late reply, is this the best way to contact you?

A. I don't get the time I would like to log onto the forum and have a good browse, after all its my other half who owns the Skyline so its generally its him on here more than I! The best way to contact me is to send an email to [email protected] as this is checked most days and linked to my smartphone products as well ;)

Q. How can I set up a PAYPAL account?

A. Simply go to their website at WWW.PAYPAL.COM and have a good read of the site before you sign up, I'm not here to hold your hand. As long as you have a current account, a debt or credit card then you can have a PAYPAL account. You can now even pay through PAYPAL without an account and just using your credit or debt card ... see, even easier :D

Q. Can I pay by another means other that through the GTROC Online Shop?

A. As a rule of thumb no you can't - PAYPAL offers you as the customer protection as well as the GTROC. There have been cases where people have asked to pay by cheque which very occasionally we agree to, but this will GREATLY lengthen the time it takes for you to receive your item or items. Refusal often offends so remember that!

Q. Do you actually hold any stock?

A. On 'some' items yes we do, but the majority of the time the product(s) are with and sent to you from a distributor or supplier - hence we say your order can take up to 28 days. Late delivery of orders is 49% of the time down to our suppliers or the other 49% because you don't sign for the delivery so it goes to back to the depot and a month later returned to the original supplier!

Q. I paid for my item yesterday, why hasn't it arrived today?

A. Yes, seriously, I have had some of these questions worded just like that! As a rule of thumb items can take up to 28 days to arrive and some of the explains why this is so. In some cases it has been longer due to factors such as poor weather, waiting for payments to clear (especially on some PAYPAL accounts), awaiting email confirmations, supplier or distributor stock as well as their shipping times etc. Often items are delivered much quicker but so many people out there have a lack of patience or can't read!

Q. Is the GTROC online shop based at your main address?

A. No it is not. The clubs address is where are our accounts are based.

Q. I have paid my GTROC membership and my pack still has not arrived three months later?

A. 99.9% of the time it is because it won't fit through your letterbox so has to be signed for. On the one re-delivery that Royal Mail do no one is there to sign for it, so it goes back to the sorting office. People then dont bother going to the sorting office so within a month it gets returned to us! As our return address is not where your membership pack comes from it takes time to filter to the GTROC Membership Secretary!
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