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Okay here is my issue!

Do I need a Fuel Defender on my R33 GTS when I fit a bleed valve?

Ive read on a few boards you do and on a few you dont (Its a Supra thing is the usual quote) so thought play safe and get one - So sorting my service out with an expert Skyline tuner who advises me not to bother the GTS dosnt have a cut off (or its too hight to worry about)... which has thrown me.

Im swinging towards not having one and having said chap fit it for me... coz he also said dont run it at the level it can go 1.0 because you lose low end grunt so maybe upto .8 maybe .9 depends on what he feels when he takes her out...

Whats the worse that could happen no fuel for a small while! (at least it wont explode)
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