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We are now able to offer all the R32 and R33 GTS-T owners the hybrid intercoolers kits. They are widly used by the GTiR and 200sx owners and offer exceptional value for money.

Below is most of the info you wish to know is as follows.


780mmx295mmx78mm or 31.5"x11.8"x3.1". big race core with internal cross fin design

GTspec -Ultra low pressure drop 0.5-1psi at 23psi

Normal Bar and Plate 2.8- 4 psi at 23 psi

Good for up to 600 bhp!! core size is 600x300x79mm 76mm inlet high flow New and with mounting High efficiency *low pressure drop 0.2psi at 15psi *Strong Bar and plate design allow 80psi high efficient we are very confident on our BAR AND PLATE intercoolers against efficient,reliability, all our intercooler has been tested to withstand more then 80psi pressure and it has very small pressure drop across the end tanks, at 15psi inlet the out let has 14.8psi that means it has only 0.2 psi pressure drop ,compare to many other intercoolers it is an excellent figure (some intercooler has 1-2psi pressure drop) also at the same condition, the temperature has drop from 120 degree to 28 degree ( and it is an excellent figure for efficiency) PLEASE SEE THE DYNO RESULT moreover,all our customer has been very happy and satisfied by the performance gained from the intercooler and i can guaranty u too. our intercooler are the best value u can buy (cos we import them and sell them direct to public and pass all the saving to our customer that means many many of the middle man are not very impressed). all our intercooler comes with end tanks and they are 3" in/outlets.

High efficient (ease to your engine ,hard on your enemy)
Performance guarantee (fully tested best intercooler for the performance)
Superb performance over the same size BAR AND PLATE intercoolers against pressure drop, efficiency, reliability (money back guaranteed !)
work of an art finishing ( go hard with style)
35 % weight reduction! (carry the power not the weight !)


Skyline GTS R32/R33 - £499.00

Please also note that we sell this kits for the following others cars to.

Sunny/pulsar GTiR - £499.00

200SX S13/14/15 - £499.00

Subaru WRX 96-00 - £499.00

Mitsubishi EVO 4,5,6 - £499.00

Toyota Supra - £499.00
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