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Everytime I talk to my mechanic, he mentions yet another part that's needed that I haven't ordered. Which is holding things up and driving me nuts. So this is what my car and the pile of parts next to it comes down to:

1991 R32 GTR with engine pulled:

rebuilt front driveshafts/new CV joint boots
Nismo Coppermix twinplate clutch (complete kit)
Nismo clutch fork pivot bolt
Nismo engine/transmission mounts
Tomei 1.2mm head gasket/Tomei 1.5mm oil restrictor
Tomei timing belt
Nissan RB26 engine overhaul gasket kit
Nissan N1 oil pump
JUN oil pump drive collar
Nissan N1 water pump
decat pipe
Nissan Z32 oil pressure sending unit
Apexi Power FC Boost Controller
Endless Super Street M brake pads (front and rear)
Nismo Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator

the car already has:
new rotors
standard fuel system (JECS yellow injectors)
Apexi Power FC ecu
HKS mushroom intakes
Turbos in good shape (pretty sure they're N1s, will know for sure when they come off the blown engine longblock)
Fujitsubo exhaust and downpipes (not sure on the make of the downpipes but they're definitely aftermarket)
stock intake plenum, coilpacks, etc

All of this is getting pasted onto a 1993 R32 longblock with a purported 50K km on it (which I don't really believe but oh well). All these parts, new and reused from my old engine, will go on.

1) have I forgotten or overlooked anything?
2) to what boost level would you tune this to? I'm thinking 1 or 1.1 bar but I'll inch up to it, .1 bar at a time. There is good gas available in Korea now, equivalent to Japanese premium in octane and overall quality, so I'll essentially be keeping the map that my PFC came with.

There's a tuner from Japan here now that's mapping people's ecus, but my car won't be finished before he leaves, which means I need to wait a couple months before he comes back here again. In the interim, I should....?

for gearheads, here are the interior mods I've piled up and am waiting to install:

Momo steering wheel and shift knob
HKB steering hub
Nismo 10% short shifter
Apexi turbo timer
Polk/Momo stereo components (dual amps, speakers, twin 10" subs), JDM Pioneer head unit (may switch out to a Sony bluetooth)
new-ish OEM shift boot and e-brake boot from a nice fellow on
Nismo emblem and an R34 V-spec II Nur emblem....ok, it's totally misleading to badge a car with something that it's not, but the emblems are so pretty
possible Recaro Pole Position seat, as my stock seat is ripped up pretty good. But I'd rather keep my stock seats. Does anyone know if the Nismo Omori R32 factory interior refresh is available as a kit?
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