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I don't believe what I have just done!

I decided to take my car to work today. Arriving at work I spoke to the security guard, who decided I could park my car in the forecourt at work. It was a bit tight so he said he would see me in.

I started backing in. I was aware there were some low level posts in the way as I turned, but was confidently told I was all clear. I hesitantly reversed to hear a scraping sound. I pulled forward and got out. And to my horror saw a big scrape down my nearside front arch.

I looked up at him, and was given the response ‘Oh, I was watching your back!’. I WAS WATCHING MY BACK. I COULD SEE THAT BIT!!!!

I can’t believe my stupidity. Let’s just say this was the first and will be the last time I take my car to work!
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