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We have in stock the Hawk Performance brake pad range from the USA to suit the R35 GTR.

Hawk have both Circuit and Street pad range offering a pad to suit all levels of use. The fast road range has proved very popular for Evo Subaru and GTR's etc.

The HPS (High Performance Street) pad is equivalent to DS2500 in performance so is an ideal pad for fast road use and good response from low operating temperatures with a responsive initial bite. This is not a race pad, so is suited more to road conditions and therefore should not give any squeal.

The front pads we have listed at £166.40 Inc Vat

Hawk HPS Brake Pads Front HB650F.730 | clark motorsport

The rear pads we have listed at £117.22

Hawk HPS Brake Pads Rear HB193F.670 | clark motorsport

You can buy online at our web shop or PM us for more details.
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