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Heads up on Jan sale of car:

I will post properly when I get some decent pictures and am thinking of selling my car come January.

R33 GTR - Middlehurst 500R specification and badged accordingly
1995 Car with 400R front spoiler
Wine red colour (not sure what Nissan called it)

A new house in the new year forces sale
Showing 79km on the Nismo dials.

Full Middlehurst (Nissan) Service History
All work ever taken place at middlehurst

Produces 505bhp (I think this is a flywheel figure so apologies)
430 ft lb torque

It has had only one previous (mature) owner who has had the car from new and spent the time and money with MH making it spot on.

It had all the bits you would expect, I will list some of the ones I know about.

Intercooler, oil cooler, FMIC etc
HKS GTRS turbos
Racing CAT
HKS Exhaust and downpipes
AP Racing Brakes
Nismo wheels (LM GT4? I think)
Nismo dials
Nismo clutch
HKS controller with scramble button
CAMs done and other stuff I have no idea about
Running Bridge SO2's with nearly full tread
All warmed / cooled and run with optimax
Cat 1 alarm and lifetime paid tracker

Just had a recent FULL level 2 middlehurst service a couple of km ago at great cost.

Interior is seriously immaculate, no fancy dials, no obvious on show bits reflecting a mature owner originally. All interior original and in very good order.

I have an idea of what I want for this so suggest anyone who is ultra keen then please call to discuss spec and price in advance of Jan. Should be able to provide pics later this weekend but not sure how to attach here. I won't be letting this go cheap however so be under no illusions.

Many thanks.

07952 662914
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