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Hi everyone,

I thought it was about time I signed on to this forum. In case you're wondering who I am:

I am Simon that set up Japukmeets with Lex 2 years ago. Many of you have been to our meets at Boxhill and other locations.

I own a 1984 "B" reg Toyota Corolla rwd fitted with the 4agze supercharged 1.6 twin cam.

Previous cars were a 320bhp Nissan Pulsar GTiR and a 370bhp Evo 4. My current car has only 160bhp but is more challenging to drive quickly than my previous two cars.

Also, it is just about quick enough to keep up in a fast paced convoy (as some of you well know !!!!)

anwyay, thanks for reading this, the preliminary stages of our Japukmeets website is up and running, please feel free to join our Yahoogroups message board via our website.

See you all at Trax this sunday !!


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