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Hi All - did originally post this in Technical due to nature of query but in hindsight that's maybe not the best place for a first post.

Been lurking for ages but had a question to post so thought I would first say hello. Picked up my DMG Premium R35 a few weeks ago and simply love the car. Had a Z4M Coupe & an M3 over the last few years but the GTR is just in a different league. Performance is just streets ahead of the BMWs and the build quality is excellent.

I often found the BMWs didn't get a great response from other drivers but the response to the GTR is fantastic - I've had people leaning out of their car windows to take photos, people shouting "nice car" from the street as I drive past and got a round of applause from a group of lads down on Tynemouth front street, which was nice !! Just loving the car and always finding excuses just to go out for a blast. It's also taking me much longer to get to & from work - find the longest way I can just to stay in the car :chuckle:

Following Charles Charlie's instructions (many thanks), I've fitted the Zele 4 light kit (nice & easy) and have gone down the route of the Dension Ice Link for playing music via iPhone. I bought the aerial adapter and have got the panels removed and sorted out the aerial connections ( I think) but, and here's my question, I can't fathom out how to power it. The Dension kit come with the cables splice things but I don't know which cables within the car to draw the power from - any help with this would be much appreciated.

Anyway, thanks for all the advice & info that gets posted on this board - it's been a fantastic read over the last year or so while I waited for the car to arrive and I'll contribute more myself from now on.


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