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Hi everyone, you'll see it's my first post here, I'm hoping that there's some pre-christmas goodwill about!

I have 3 nephews, 7, 10 and 12 who are all hankering after a ride in a Supercar or a Skyline (a modified one would be great - envy of the class for weeks!). Why they didn't ask me for an X-box game I'll never know!

I was hoping that there's someone in cambridge with a GTR that could spare me a hour or so to take them all out for a spin in one? I'll pay for fuel and chuck in a bottle of bubbly.

Alternatively, any supercar, Modified Supra or RX-7 that anyone can point me in the direction of would be greatly appreciated!

IF you can help please contact me using P's or if you look at my profile there's my mail address on there and my own company website which I can be contacted through.


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