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Has any body had this problem with a R35 before?
Some times when the car is running the display screen does not display numbers it switches to stars as shown in pic and some times the key light comes on and the car can stop in the middle of the road and not start again and other times you cannot turn the car off at all it just keeps running.
It has been to a gtr workshop and they have replaced the bcm and ecu but still having the same problem.
When scanning the car it comes up with codes related to bcm and ECU but these were odviously not the problem.
Your help would be greatly appreciated so I can drive my car with out worrying it's going to die in the middle of the road


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Hi chasey, welcome to the forum.

I haven't had the same problem as you but a couple of ideas to try:

I did once have a problem with a loose +ve battery connection which combined with a battery/saver once caused the car to light up the engine and also transmission lights whilst driving. One of the codes it threw out was the BCM so perhaps worth checking your battery connections are OK.

I'd also check your ignition circuit as could be linked to an immobiliser/ignition fault i.e. the not-starting or won't turn off part.

The stars on the screen are usually when the computer hasn't got something to display e.g. tyre pressure reading not yet received, or mpg figure not calculated yet due to short distance travelled.

Hopefully you'll get it sorted soon and can enjoy your car :)
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