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Hi guys

Trying to find out if ABS unit on 200sx will work on R32 GTR.

Did a search for ABS 200sx and couldn't come uup with anythign useful.
Posted on here but haven't got any responses so far.

This is the query -
i'm struggling to find a replacement for my ABS unit.
R32 GTR.
This is the unit that came out of my car

i managed to source this from a 200sx (think it's the version with a CA engine, not SR20)

The part numbers are similar. Seems like a mechanical part number that's the same, and an "electrical part number" that's difference. I'm just guessing.

Visualy, the silver part is almost identical in all respects.
The black relay bits look a little bit different.

They both have 3 connectors, which look exactly the same, have the same number of pins. The wire colours are very similar though not identical.

The GTR part has some wires that are yellow, whereas on the SX part those same wires are a greenish type colour.

Anyways.. does anybody know if i can use the 200SX part in my car and if it will work? What modification is required to the SX part in order to use it in the R32 GTR??

Any help appreciated.

Thanks guyS.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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