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Hi all.

I'm having problems with a R34 GTR MFD.
The MFD has been Nismo upgraded.
Before the upgrade, the LCD was working fine. After installing the upgrade kit, the LCD refused to display. I fiddled around, left with no choice and finally decided to flick the 3 switches on the lower circuit board and finally, the display comes on. However... it appears to be inverted. Much like a mirror image or looking directly at a "heads-up-display".

I've spent days reading up the forum and google-ing and trying. Direct replacing it would be easy but that's not an option for now.

The LCD panel is a Toshiba TFD58W30MM. I've gone as far as trying to understanding how LCD works. I read somewhere that LCD works by scanning Left to Right, Up and Down. Downloaded the spec sheet for the LCD panel, blocked off Left to Right pin. The furthest I got to, was that the display was finally right, BUT 180 degrees rotated.

I've also tried calling up LCD repair shops but it seems that they don't actually repair them... they merely replace them.

I understand someone in this forum had the same issue but problem solved by replacing a new panel.

Anyone with LCD panel experience can shed some light here?

I'm in Singapore btw.

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