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Just been offered one of them and since i am very new to boost controller,
what shall I look out for on a second hand unit??
what should a full kit come with??
and most importantly, is it easy to install (i presume it is just a matter of plumbing the hose to the waste-gate and the blitz solenoid, and link up the solenoid to the blitz electronic gadget..)
and set-up?? I don't quite understand the "gain" side of things..

I am also tempted on the loom to link that up to the ECU so it reads off some usual info like AFR etc.... Is it worth doing???

Is my GTST ok for the controller?? I only have a super drager and a k&N panel filter.

I am planning to run 0.8 bar of boost, should i get someone to re-map the ECU for the extra fueling??? or a standard MAP is ok 0.8bar?? And if so, where can I get it re-map and how much??

Thanks you for the guidence..
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