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I want to order an M-Spec NUR part. Specifically the shift panel in gold. I have already the M-Spec Nur interior with seats and panels (door etc.). The dealer here can't order those parts for me in Japan unless one has a proper chassy no. The Dealer is unable themselves to order it without an original chassy no.

I simply would like to get that part to finish off the interior of my car. Even V-spec Nur had the silver combed color on that part. I can get that chassy no. from an AUSSIE customer, but it isn't the part. Only the M-spec came with the gold combed.

Also, if you all could reply, those in the know, tell me how else the M-spec interior is different from the V-spec Nur. I am not an expert though I live in Japan. I haven't myself researched it except with some Japanese, nor do any Japanese seem to know. Maybe some of you do. I'm not above asking for help, and I need some soon. I put my car up for sale on this site a day or so ago, but it's not exactly finished without these parts. I'd like to get these parts if I can.

Thank you for you help!!

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